The future of the energy industry
with software from EN_EVO



The software is characterised by its clear structure, ease of use and extremely fast data processing.

The included reporting system guarantees absolute transparency and an overview of your energy management.


SBase Energy_

Energy. Our electricity sales software for creating electricity bills.

The advantages of SBase Energy clearly lie in its ease of use and the precise tracking of all payment flows associated with accounting for electricity billing.

SBase Energy – selling electricity made easy!


SBase Fiber_

is our billing software specially designed for the broadband service.

As such, it is responsible for processing the entire area of billing for fiber services.

SBase Fiber – DSL was the day before yesterday!

SBase Heat_

is our innovative and AI-supported software for operators of district heating systems and the associated infrastructure.

Like all EN_EVO products, SBase Heat is customised precisely to your needs.

SBase Heat – customised district heating software!

rec_OS negativ claim


The innovative management software for Renewable Energy Communities offers a complete package of procedures. All the necessary processes for managing the energy balance and the individual billing mechanisms are combined in rec_OS.

rec_OS – the energy transition is within reach!


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