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EN_EVO energy evolution_

Energy management will be exclusively digital in the future.

The idea for EN_EVO was born out of this fact.

The founders, a recognised electrical engineering and IT expert (Rubini) and a business lawyer (Fallmerayer), have known each other since their time together at Etschwerke Netz AG – where they had already worked together successfully.

With the aim of combining the fields of business, IT, sustainability and legislation in the area of energy management, the two took the decisive step in 2017 and realised the first part of their grand vision.

EN_EVO – your partner for the future of energy!



has developed into a competent and dynamic team of software developers and experts in the energy sector.

Our team supports its customers on a daily basis and takes care of all requirements arising in the energy sector in a professional and appropriate manner.

In order to be able to do this work in the best possible way, the technological and economic-normative challenges are always prioritised.

About the founders_

Dr. Philipp Fallmerayer

  • Doctorate law at the University of Innsbruck
  • Master in Administration, Finance and Controlling in Milan
  • Master in Project Financing of Renewable Energies in Milan
  • Energy Manager
  • Several years of experience in the energy sector, in particular its regulatory orientation
  • Expert in energy self-supply systems and demand-side management
  • Member of several expert groups in the field of extended self-consumption

Dr Domenico Rubini

  • Studied electrical engineering, majoring in computer technology at the Vienna University of Technology
  • Several years of experience in the fields of industrial automation technology as a system integrator, PC-based control technology and image processing solutions.
  • Expert in remote readout systems, measurement data processing and analysis as well as data exchange with ARERA, Terna and GSE
  • Areas of interest: Interface design, modern database systems, artificial intelligence, machine learning in productive use, as well as energy automation and smart grid.

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