Diffuse self-consumption
A new Era has begun!_

Electricity self-consumption is no longer only physical, but also virtual.

Until now, in order to directly benefit from an electricity production unit, the consumer had to be directly connected to the generator.

Now, in addition to this physical self-consumption, there is also virtual self-consumption, in the sense that within the framework of the relative configurations of diffuse self-consumption, the consumer can also make use of the energy produced and transmitted to another site, but always within the perimeter indicated by the legislator.

The Minister of the Environment and Energy Security’s Decree No. 414 of 7 December 2023 (CACER Decree), effective from 24 January 2024, defined the new procedures for granting incentives, aimed at promoting the construction of installations supplied by renewable sources included in diffuse self-consumption configurations.

Self-consumption configurations for renewable energy sharing

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